Interspecific Mixes

Colorful interspecific mixes are the trend of the market.
We have put together the perfect combinations, suitable for hanging baskets and/or pot culture.

We deliver the youngplants of each variety or the mix as half-finish plants in the Mix-It-Up pot, with image lable optional.

Culture notes
12/13 cm pot – pot wk 6/7 – flowering from wk 16
hanging baskets 21/25cm – pot wk 4 – flowering from wk 18

Pink Miracle
Marisco – Belem Salmon
Riverdance – Up Rose
Calimero – Compact Pink

Velvet Phantom
Marisco – Belem Burgundy Impr.
Riverdance – Up Lavender
Calimero – Peach

Marisco – Belem Compact Red
Riverdance – Up Lavender
Calimero – Snow

Marisco – Recife Lemon
Riverdance – Down White
Calimero – Trailing Lemon

Marisco – Belem Compact Red
Riverdance – Down White
Calimero – Yellow Flirt

Marisco – Recife Deep Violet
Riverdance – Up Lavender
Calimero – Snow

Black Jack
Marisco – Belem Black Velvet
Calimero – Snow

Deep Sea
Marisco – Recife Deep Violet, Bacopa Pealy
Sunnystar – Yellow Spot

Bubble Gum
Marisco – Belem Giant Candy
Riverdance – Rose Star, Euphorbia Fairy Show