Brandkamp Young Plants

Brandkamp young plants is a family run business. The production of strong and healthy young plants and the breeding of Chrysanthemums and Beddingplants are our business.

Company Information

  • total area: 7 ha
  • high-glass area: 36.000 m²
  • plastic greenhouses: 3.200 m²
  • south production: 10.000 m² motherplants in Kenya and Uganda
  • products: young plants of Chrysanthemums, Fuchsias, bedding plants in many species and varieties as Calibrachoa, Verbena, Petunia, etc.
  • sales: to horticulture nurseries via three own salesmen and many free working sales consultants
  • Sales areas: Europe, Asia, Arab space


  • Employee:
    2 agricultural engineers
             8 journeymen
             5 office workers
             1 laboratory assistant
             20-60 temporary employees
             3 Master
             2 Horticulture Technician
             2 truckers
  • Technology:
    • 15,000 m² mobile tables
    •  5,000 m² roll or concrete tables
    •  8,000 m² assimilation light
    • 17,000 m² interference light
    •   1,000 m² fog system
    • automatic sticking street
    • 400 KVA Generator based on rapeseed oil
    • stationary steaming service
    • EDV, climate computer, irrigation carriage, 350 m² cold store area
    • Heating: gas, oil, coal (total of 8 MW)
  • laboratory: in-vitro culture for new elite motherplants
  • breeding: Multiflora, disbud and spray Pot-Chrysanthemums, disbud and spray Cut-Chrysanthemums Fuchsias, Calibrachoa, Petunias, Verbenas, Bacopa, Scaevola, Argyranthemum, Osteospermum etc.